Volunteering has no age limit!

in January 2020  my in-laws traveled to this country, despite being old, because my mother-in-law has 79 years and my father-in-law 76. They have decided to put aside their routine life and the tasks they are busy with., and came to help, teach and learn...

Always active and with lots of ideas, have contributed greatly to the evolution of this project..

We've already cleared the land and picked up a lot of rocks. Some were so big that we could only move them, pulling them with the truck. These were very useful for filling the foundation of our protective wall.. We still cut and burned some bushes and had the land plowed, that is already prepared to receive the seeds, plants and fruit trees.

There are about 9 months we made a nursery.

Several sowings were carried out and, currently, we have about 200 fruit trees with roots so developed that they came out of the polybags and threw them into the ground, because they are more than ready and willing to be planted in their definitive place, not ground...

We haven't done this operation until now because, First of all, we need to surround our land with concrete pillars and galvanized wire, because we are, all the time, “visited” by a few dozen goats, cows, buffaloes and horses.

we are committed, at full throttle, to build a protective wall against a stream that in times of heavy rain accumulates a considerable amount of water and our savings have been spent, dividing them into three priority areas: the construction of this wall, fencing the land and building the first installations for the concrete block machine, the cement warehouse, the carpentry and the bathroom.

Until the date, by the grace of god, we managed to place the concrete pillars on one of the sides of the land and, a few weeks ago, we had to stop, because we must finish first priority number one: the protective wall, because the first rains have already started to fall.

We achieved, also, make the foundation of said facilities and install them, in the final place, concrete block machine, the mixer and its generators.

We're, in parallel, to make the necessary tests to fine tune and synchronize all the molds in a way that, very soon, we can start the production of the concrete blocks, so needed, for the construction of the walls of our first facilities. we miss, still, finish the last two molds in sheet metal and iron for the construction of another type of concrete block that is the most sought after in civil construction, in East Timor.

 There is a Portuguese saying that goes: “Money does not stretch!”, however we have experienced something extraordinary that contradicts this statement!

 Last week I was in Dili to buy some necessary materials and knowing, so good, that the list of them was a little beyond our bank account numbers, I entered the code on the ATM buttons to withdraw money and I was thinking about what I should select, to buy only the materials that were needed most urgently and, at the same time, I was even thinking that it would be so nice if I had a few hundred dollars more to buy the remaining materials that, also, were so necessary… With a certain feeling mixed with a strange feeling of hope, I checked my balance and found that, even that day, SOMEONE had made a bank transfer donating 1709 usd. exclaimed: WOW!!!

Upon seeing the wonderful way our Heavenly Father takes care of our needs, I was speechless., because, once again, surprised me in such a unique way… After savoring the magic of this moment, so special, I thanked him instantly…

Perhaps someone may wonder why we are not moving forward., simultaneously, with these three priorities. We know, so good, that this would be ideal, but unfortunately we can't, because the reason is very simple; not due to lack of manpower, because we have 2 people working with an annual contract and other 46 people in a rotating work system of 20 dias (each team composed of four people), but the lack of resources, because, until the date, we can only do one thing at a time and we are very grateful, so much to God, as well as to all the people who helped us make it possible to achieve everything we have done so far…

Many will say that it is a very ambitious project., but as of now, we urge you to join us, making it a reality, managing to return the smile and hope of a better life to some more Timorese…

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