Planting Seedlings

We planted coconut trees this week… and here are the steps we followed

  • Step 1: dig the hole (thankfully this was already one by Daniel.. yey)
  • Step 2: fill the hole with 200mm of sand (to help the water drain)
  • Step 3: add plants that are rich in NI (to help the trees grow)
  • Step 4: to enrich the soil, for each tree create a mixture of 1-part-sand, 1-part-clay/existing soil on the land, 2 buckets of coffee husk and some fertiliser and place the seedling
  • Step 5: cover the tree with the enriched soil
  • Step 6: press around the tree to secure the position
  • Step 7: two buckets of water will make your seedling love its new place!

p.s. besides the beautiful trees.. these are also some (actual) fruits of Daniel&Celia’s labour:

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