Mechanical Setbacks

Today the project’s truck was coming out of the mechanic after 6 months of “intensive care” and we were going back to Gleno to finally get a quote for the container residence … but I guess we still needed to learn to be ready for surprises.. cause although only one third into our 1.30h trip, the recently fixed truck just stopped… in the middle of the road.

So the mechanic came and picked us up, and to our surprise, Dili looked very different than when we left. … in less than 30min a flash flood covered the main roads… and Dili was flooded… (you can imagine the flood engineer in me went a little crazy, but this letter is not about that).

The car also randomly needed some mechanical medicine and instead of concentrating on the project, Luke had to run around, purchase and install car & truck parts to avoid the delays associated with the mechanic sourcing parts according to “island time”!

I’m very thankful for his patience and broad knowledge in construction, mechanics, engineering, business… and many other things! I’m truly blessed!

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