Dear Readers and Fellow Time-Travelers,

Prepare for a double take, for we find ourselves once again in the enchanting land of Timor-Leste! But amidst this return, I’ve got a confession to make: while going through our blog, I noticed a few amazing stories and pictures that somehow slipped through the cracks of time. But fear not, for I have a whimsical plan to save them!

As we are back to Timor, I thought to also dash back in time (figuratively, of course) to rescue those lost tales – I will backdate a few posts to ensure they find their proper place in history.

And guess who else is Back?

Remember someone leaving Timor in December 2021 thinking they were saying goodbye for good? Well, turns out, life had other plans for them, and I love how they always let God take the lead. Life doesn’t always go according to plan, and we have to embrace the twists and turns that come our way. Celia and Daniel’s journey is a shining example of that.

Through all the changes, one thing remains constant: their love for the people in Timor. This has led them back, and it shows their open hearts and strong faith.

But I’ll save their stories for future letters ; )… maybe written by Daniel and Celia themselves.

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