New Friends

Due to visa extensions/applications, we needed to travel quite often to Dili, as you might know by now, it’s a ride full of beauty and at the same time full of obstacles…. But the trips are worthwhile – when you have friends at both ends of the road.

In Dili, we got to meet some lovely people (our neighbours in Dili)… Vero, Olga and Bethy, little Geo…

and many more… kind, sweet and friendly.. each having their own stories and challenges in life.. but still facing the day and the people around them with a smile.

I would like to take this chance and introduce you to the new mission volunteers: Ritha and Daud (seated to Luke’s left in the picture above).

They are kind and hospitable, with a genuine love for the people. They are masters in reflexology and are always happy to share their knowledge. I’ll tell you more about them in the letters to come.

I can’t believe one month passed already. We had to renew our tourist visa.. and what we thought to be an over the counter 5 min transaction, turned out to take at least half a day.

But by the end, we not only had an extended tourist visa for 30more days, but we also were in the process of applying for a working visa. What a blessing!

God really puts good people in our path, that help us when we need it the most.

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