Mercados Multicolores

Multicolored Markets

On this beautiful island every town has a market, where local products or products from other municipalities are sold. We found everything… fresh vegetables, fruit, meat, fish, shoes, clothing, pots, plastics, Such (traditional fabrics), cleaning and hygiene products, goats, pigs, cows and oxen for sale to barlaque (We will talk about this topic in another article.) e…

Projeto Taiboco

Taiboco Project

After a very simple supper the conversation stretched a bit and the children, very tired, were almost asleep. I asked Juliano why they didn't want to go to sleep and he replied that, at their house, had established a habit, that after supper was over no one could get up from the table until…

Finalmente: mãos a obra!

Finally: get to work!

After purchasing the land we thought that the first priority would be to have the much needed water for our daily needs., as well as for the irrigation of our vegetable garden and fruit trees. We are worried, also, to ensure the supply of drinking water to the local population of the village of Hlalameta, avoiding your displacement…