Multicolored Markets

On this beautiful island every town has a market, where local products or products from other municipalities are sold.

We found everything… fresh vegetables, fruit, meat, fish, shoes, clothing, pots, plastics, Such (traditional fabrics), cleaning and hygiene products, goats, pigs, cows and oxen for sale to barlaque (We will talk about this topic in another article.) and many other articles.

It's just having time, a few dollars in your pocket and patience to look for!

In these markets there are no scales. Everything is sold by the pile or according to a measure, the can, What: beans, the corn, peanut or rice.

Once a week, people who live in the mountains go to the city in angunas and the market is full.

Sellers as soon as they see the bags (foreign) approaching their tables, prices rise soon, because in their minds all malai is rich, indistinctly, and how obvious, want to take advantage… However, about me, when it seems to me that prices are inflated, I have a certain pleasure in haggling over them a little! This happens especially when we are in a market for the first time., but over time the sellers get to know us and finally we even make friends with some and we are treated like one of them, However, with due regard!

take place, also, Futu manu – the famous cockfights.

Cockfighting is a very old popular tradition and is still very much rooted in the uses and customs of the population.. The stakes are strong, which helps to create a frenetic atmosphere around the fighting grounds.

bathe the roosters, meat to eat and we can see them, frequently, in the lap of the owners. there is a house, with a roof and dark straw they call lulik (holy house), a glass-lined arena at the top and a hatch for the warriors.

the center of everything: the bets. the serious faces, excited and the voices in chorus: Bet, bet!

The roosters start to be stoked already in the laps of the owners, the knives are tied to their paws, the feathers that ruffle them when enraged and the stakes end when combat begins. Fights are relatively brief and fatal for the losers.

The photos do not illustrate what is experienced in this place…

If you are curious to know Timor-Leste, its markets are a very interesting place to visit and not only…

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