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I'm Daniel Garcia Micu, from Romania, residing in Portugal since 1996, when I decided to emigrate in order to improve my professional and financial life. After a few years I realized that I had not achieved either of the two goals.. However, I understood that more important than money or a career, is to gain experience with every thing that happens in the course of our life, whether good or bad, because as Aldous Huxley says: 

“Experience is not what happens to a man; it is what man does with what happens to him.”

when looking back, analyzing the course of my experience in Portugal, I can say that if there was anything that was worth, regarding the hard experience of an emigrant, There were two distinct moments that marked my life forever.; the first, and the most important, That's when I discovered God as a Being who cares about me. at some point, something happened that convinced me of your fatherly care, of His constant providence and of His great love. I will be delighted to share this extraordinary experience with you., at a next opportunity.

The second, It was the moment I met Celia, my future wife.

We had many wonderful and sometimes less good times.… We learn together to love, to forgive and grow. Life has taught us that we must learn to extract the essence of each opportunity that is offered to us to know how to make each moment a moment of joy.!

from this height, my life started to take on another meaning. I learned to look at material goods in a different way, not make them the target of my existence, but to consider them necessary and important, but not the most essential and priority…

Through past experiences, God helped me to understand that the most important goal and purpose in life to be achieved is not to HAVE, but rather BE! It is not living for the purpose of accumulating more and more goods, but rather it is BEING someone who understands to be useful to the needs of others and to have the constant Divine approval in everything that is done.!

In the month of March 2016 we traveled to Timor-Leste. Our bags were full of many things., including: a lot of anxiety, expectations and curiosity when coming into contact with a new culture and with a people with different values!

We left Portugal with the desire to be able to help the Timorese people to improve their living conditions and their knowledge, in terms of basic hygiene rules and a balanced diet. We faced a lot of poverty, lack of basic hygiene, many diseases, hunger and poor diet.

We witnessed situations that really moved us, seeing people who only eat one meal of white rice a day. Once again we understand that we, that we have a little more than them, we were really richly blessed by God.

We feel we shouldn't broadcast, only, our knowledge, but much more, implement in a practical way a project that would give them the opportunity to receive the proper training in various areas of work, as well as: organic agriculture and beekeeping, masonry, carpentry, accounting and ICT, Helping, at least, some earning their daily livelihood.

Two years ago we were visited by friends from Australia and, when we talk about the needs of these people, the idea of ​​buying a land was born!

Will this dream come true?

 The Timor, with love!!!

Arrival at Nicolau Lobato Airport, in Dili, Timor-Leste

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