Finally: get to work!

After purchasing the land we thought that the first priority would be to have the much needed water for our daily needs., as well as for the irrigation of our vegetable garden and fruit trees. We are worried, also, to ensure the supply of drinking water to the local population of the village of Hlalameta, avoiding their displacement to more distant areas, where there are natural sources of water. It is, mostly, do not have the bare minimum of basic conditions and water remains one of the biggest problems on this island, especially during the dry season, being that many localities of the country still do not have access to piped water and basic sanitation.

After contacting some companies specialized in the domain, I found a team of young Timorese who convinced me to work with them, due to the “more affordable” price that made us. On the day they arrived to start work, I wanted to know which was the most suitable place to drill the hole and the boss, from the team, told me he had a method to check where there was more water, that I had never failed to date and in fact it was quite true!

I was really impressed with the equipment so “sophisticated and modern” that our little man used!

Pay attention to the sequence, please!!!

excited and, at the same time, intrigued by the accuracy of this “device” I asked right away to let me try it, to check if it worked so well for me… and guess what! It worked, wonderful! Despite having strictly followed all the instructions given (I had to walk very slowly and almost without breathing, focusing on the ends of the sticks), the contraption's hands didn't even move a millimeter!!!

I asked the “teacher”, which in the language of this specialty is called vedor, to repeat the test at other locations and was amazed at each cross of the sticks that indicated a potential new site, where could you find the water. I tried again, a few times, to verify if in fact the “invention” had changed its mind, but unfortunately the hands remained stubbornly inert…

The first thing that crossed my mind was that this feat was, perhaps, related to some witchcraft, but some time later I asked Dr.. Google and I understood that the subject is much more complex and enigmatic, being related, according to Einstein, with electromagnetism and, even according to very few other experts in the field, has to do with biomagnetism and static electricity.

anyway, whenever I have the opportunity, I will watch with great interest, again, this "gadget" working!

I followed the work closely and was a little anxious to witness the first sign of the appearance of water that was a little more awaited, because only after the first two days of work did it finally appear. However, they continued to drill a few more days to find a richer water table and at the end of a week of work they finished the work. Our borehole really has a good water flow, because it has a depth of 40 metros, with about 34 meters of water.

In the near future we want to make a tank in reinforced concrete, to the water tank, which will help many people in the Hlalameta community.

After a lot of insistence and some obstacles we put an electric power line, giving the possibility to a few dozen families to enjoy the same, as there are still many villages in the most remote areas that do not have the opportunity to enjoy this small luxury.

Yesterday we made our contribution to getting another good piece of the access path with the help of some elements of the community, who responded promptly to our call, and they committed themselves with great enthusiasm, from the smallest to the oldest…

I'm so grateful to God, with each new day that dawns, gives us the opportunity to make something good happen and experience what Leo Tolstoy understood so well about the essence of living.: “True life is lived when small changes happen.”

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