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It's been a while since I've posted any news about our work., because lately I dedicated most of my free time to exposing my experience with Radu, at our friend Juliano's house, and always in the hustle of every day, unfortunately, I have no more time left for this task.

However, here we are to share, with you, some more details of the work carried out to date.

Like this, as I mentioned in the last post, Our biggest priority at this rainy time of year is to fence our land as quickly as possible, because they are waiting for us for about 300 trees, fruit and decorative, to be planted in their final location, on our land.

From 10 from December until 4 of January, unfortunately, we had to stop our work due to lack of financial resources, but almost at the end of the year we had the great joy of receiving help from our fellow believers in Australia, Japan and Romania, of a small community of believers in my hometown and hometown. The last, although they live with considerable financial difficulties, over the past year, had the initiative and desire to join, weekly, each one made their own small contribution so that at the end of December they gave us the surprising joy of letting us know that they had an offer for the development of our project.

I commented with my Celia, about the human tendency that, naturally, exists in each of us, of waiting and counting on the help of those who are wealthier and in our eyes more capable, who can easily extend their hand to help us, but, unfortunately we were very disappointed… Once again, our heavenly Father has surprised us with the way he works, through poor people, simple and humble that, although in need, They did everything they could to help us.

I will never forget every bit of help we received to make this project a reality., but I will have a special memory for THOSE who made a point of sharing their few resources with those who still have less than them!!!

Much obliged, I wanted to take the opportunity to highlight the efforts of a small group of friends from Romania and some ladies from Australia, that we don't even know, who live off their modest reforms and who, to get some money to help us, sold (pure and simply!), some extra things they had in their homes!!!

Another special memory goes to a friend of my wife. At a time when the money was almost running out, when checking our Foundation's bank account, I found that a deposit had been made 1000 Dollars. I commented with Celia: – Who would have done it?

Tonight, she received a message that said: ” From day 4 They have a thousand kisses in their account.”

While we were so happy with the help we received, precisely at this time, our brave truck got tired and decided to take a vacation... and a long one! We were taking care of his health, when the other Toyota car, I wanted to keep him company… and to make the party even more lively, my cell phone also died; all this in the course of two weeks! They were just 3300 $…

My wife, quite discouraged, He even commented to me that he didn't understand how this would be possible, after we have saved some money to advance our work, something like this happens… I replied that this meant we were on the right track, reminding her of what an old friend told me at a certain point in my youth: “When the things you do in your life always work out, without any problems or hassles in the mix, It's time to wonder and ask if, in fact, you are on the right path!”

Despite the difficulties, problems and setbacks sown on our journey, we understand that they are part of our experience and at these times, if well cared for, We have a golden opportunity to grow and strengthen our personality.

I want, once again, express, our gratitude towards HE who in His providence directs and controls our lives and provides in an extraordinary way to meet all our needs, that often leaves us speechless!

In the last two months it has rained a lot, even a lot…practically every day around 14 h, with metronome precision, It rains constantly, sometimes lasting for 2 or 3 hours. Even so, we have managed to do some work, among the raindrops…

To date, we have managed to place all the concrete posts in the ground and this coming week we will extend the net to finish our fence..

We built a ditch to capture the water that neighboring land discharges into ours and after the walls collapsed, we came to the conclusion that we must cement them to avoid, in the future, these surprises.

We started, also, digging holes to plant, very soon, our trees. In the front row, next to the fence, will have the honor of being planted with coconut trees.

We can't wait to see them in their final place and developing their magnificent canopies!

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