who wouldn't want to use…

… a beautiful dress from Tais?

…an unusual fact?

… or have a beautiful suitcase?

Tais is the traditional fabric of Timor-Leste, used as part of clothing.

It is handcrafted by women, on traditional wooden looms, from cotton yarn and then dyed with natural and synthetic dyes.

Patterns and motifs are originally traditional, of different colors, boast interesting geometric designs, known locally as Kaif.

They represent anthropomorphic figures with outstretched arms and hands, zoomorphic figures with different animals: crocodiles, birds, roosters, fish and nature elements. Each municipality has its specific colors and patterns.!

The Tais play an important role in the culture of Timor. As an essential part of the nation's cultural heritage, they are used in tribute ceremonies., for ceremonial adornments, religious festivals and rituals that celebrate the changes in the various stages of an individual's life: the birth, the wedding and burial, in soul rituals, no status social, and still, as an exchange of gifts between community members. They are used as a sign of respect and appreciation for guests, friends, relatives, in home decor and personal clothing.

I have already been given some, visiting different families.

Every people has its customs, specific culture and crafts. I had the opportunity to visit some countries in Asia and I was always impressed by the skill of each one who is dedicated to creating articles “made by hand”, and who are true artists!

Timor-Leste is no exception to the rule, quite the opposite! Every time I visit a new municipality, I am very impressed by the creativity and manual skills of children., youth and adults, who have a natural talent, especially in terms of design, handmade painting and manufacturing.

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  1. Achei lindo de mais …cada país tem uma arte distinta
    Muita cor e com muita criatividade.
    Da vontade de um dia explorar estes lugares magníficos 😍
    Obrigada por dividir conosco essas maravilhas 🙏

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