Ruta escénica a Timor

If you thought getting to leave Australia was a challenge (con cancelaciones, retrasos, vuelos reprogramados, solicitudes de exenciones, pruebas, etc.)… you would be right… but I think that was only to prepare us for what was to come 😉

On the evening of 27.02.2022 we arrived at the hotel in Darwin after a full day of flying… who knew that from Melbourne you needed to go to Brisbane, Sydney and Adelaide … only to arrive in Darwin after approx 12h of flying (a storm in Brisbane can do that to the flight itinerary).

Scenic Route to Timor-Leste

Not exactly what I imagined when I wished for a trip around Australia… maybe I should have been a bit more specific ;)… but in the meantime we were grateful that we did not lose the connection to Timor-Leste !

The next morning we arrived in Dili, and now have memories of a day spent closer to Heaven… and what a sight that was! 🥰

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