Daniel & celia

Aterrizar en Dili siempre es emocionante. es como volver a casa: las vistas familiares & sonidos, la ráfaga de aire cálido y húmedo al salir del avión, el paseo por la pista de inmigración & costumbres tratando de recordar sus habilidades en el idioma tetum mientras se prepara para saludar a los funcionarios de inmigración.

But this time it was different…As we exit the airport we are met with the usual hustle & bustle of passengers coming & going and the shout of “taxi, taxi” from the local drivers trying to convince you to take an overpriced trip with them.

What is different? … this time we won’t be greeted by Daniel & Celia when we exit the airport into the hustle & bustle. After almost 6-years in Timor-Leste, Daniel & Celia returned to Portugal in December 2021, and although we had hoped to arrive before their departure, Covid travel restrictions messed up our plans.

If you have not read some of their stories and adventures, now would be the perfect time to go back and read their letters and see the amazing things God had done through them. … I mean it, you won’t regret it. We know you will miss their stories as much as we will miss them!

We thank God for them, for their perseverance and determination, their faith and desire to help others, their kindness, friendship and loveand we know that they will continue to be a blessing wherever they are!

From Timor with Love, Luke and Andrada

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