Hari pertama di Gleno

Pada hari pertama di bulan Maret dan kami pergi ke Gleno, tapi setelah perjalanan yang menarik – banyak area jalan yang cekung, runtuh, tersapu banjir, etc…

but knowing that Luke is one of the best drivers I know, Saya juga menikmati pemandangan unik Timor – yang luar biasa!

But the journey was not finished yet, because just 1 km away from our destination, the car broke down… what are we going to do?! Not exactly the introduction I had in mind with the people in Gleno, but we got to meet them as they surrounded the car to provide roadside assistance🤗
Luke got creative and made a few changes under the bonnet … he could tell you what, but you might not believe it… what I can say is that I saw him using a combination of the pedals and the window-squirting mechanism to accelerate and feed the motor with petrol😳🤩

…but it worked because we got to our destinationsafely! So grateful to God for my man! What an adventure!

This is what we found in the house! … I needed thatMt 17:20

mustard seed

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