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Sin habla…

…desde hace un tiempo queríamos decir GRACIAS!

Gracias Dios for everyone who donated to this cause… su apoyo y amor nos dejo sin habla y agradecido; Oramos para que Dios recompense su bondad de la manera que solo Él sabe cómo hacerlo.!!!

El otro día, we have received a call asking for the account of the Foundation in Timor-Leste, because someone dear to our heart wanted to make a donationthe list grew sinceand now because of them, cuentos were writtensome with happy endings, some not, some in the blog, some in the hearts of those involved.. but all written in Heaven.

Touching storiessome gave to build a well in Timorsome although did not have much, loved muchsome have recently moved between countries, they had expenses, children to raisebut God talked to their heart and they listened.

some donated all the way from Japan, Portugal, London and Australia as wellsome gave of their retirement security… some gave from the mites (Lucas 21:1-4) that they hadsome, during a global crisis and in spite of economic uncertainty, decided to sell some things from the house, sheds, etc., and the money earned was donated💌we are sin habla!

It just never ceases to amaze us how God workswhen we think there’s not much hopeespecially when things look gloomy in the worldGod shines through/in people!


Because many of you have askedhere are the account details for the Foundation in Timor-Leste:

Fundación Vive Mejor

IBAN: TL 380020139084431000162
Banco: BNU
Dirección: Avenida Bispo de Madeira,
Oficina de correos Dili, kiik kintal, Mercado Lama,
Código postal: 10000, Timor leyó.

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