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Tanque séptico

Desde o início de maio 2022, temos trabalhado incansavelmente no projeto da fossa séptica. Tem sido uma jornada e tanto, considerando os inúmeros desafios que enfrentamos e o facto de todo o trabalho de escavação ter sido feito à mão. Surpreendentemente, a escavação foi concluída em apenas cerca de duas semanas, which is quite impressive when you consider the scale of the task.

Let me paint a picture for you: imagine a pit 1.8 meters deep, spanning an area of 12 square meters. That’s almost 22 cubic meters of sand, rock, and soil that had to be dug through. It was no easy feat, but our dedicated team pressed on, determined to see the project through.

In addition to the excavation work, there was the daunting task of pouring the concrete slab in one go. The original plan was for five people, including Luke, to handle the job. They started early in the morning, carrying heavy buckets of concrete to the tank area. No entanto, as the day progressed, only two people remained to tackle the daunting task. You might now better understand Luke’s face at 10.30pm when we finally got home. Amidst the exhaustion, there was also a sense of triumph and accomplishment.

The build of the tank was also not without challenges, but we’ll let the photos tell the story and will just say thisOn the 13.06 the septic tank only needed the lid and it was done.

Note: For the septic tank design we used OzFam guidelines found aqui.

Final update: on the 13.12.2022 the septic tank has a lid.

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