Pengiriman Kontainer x4

Meski jalan perlu diperbaiki, pertemuan dan diskusi diadakan dengan chefe-suco, yang pada gilirannya berbicara dengan pemilik tanah yang relevan… tapi setelah semua itu, empat kontainer pengiriman 20 kaki dikirim ke lokasi.

The preparation for the foundations has also started and a gallery showing the delivery and the progress of the works can be also seen below:

Preparing for the foundation (digging holes, making reinforcement brackets, welding, mixing cement,).

And sometimes the little things matter tooLuke fixed the cement mixer (so instead of the removal of a rock that stopped the rotation of the weel, he put a spring that he found on the road) and it works great!

More work needs to be done, but we are so thankful to God for everything He helped us achieve so far.

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